Sunday, 23 February 2014

Journeys are always more beautiful than destinations

We all are on a journey, take it as the collection of the journeys that we pursue everyday or as the ultimate journey of life. Agreed? Some of these journeys are chosen by us. We have beautiful plans for them. However, there are some which are not chosen by us. Some turns of life make us pursue them unwillingly. The more we try to escape this fact, the more we will be made to face it that somewhere or the other, we are mere travellers in this cosmos, unaware of the people we may meet or the places we may see on our roads.

Everyday when we step out in the world with the beginning of a new day, do we know what will happen or whom we will meet? No, because that is also a journey. We might travel only for a short distance to our workplace but  that in itself contains a beautiful journey. We are with ourselves consciously for that time. Those short-termed precious moments are the ones where we are alone, without having to worry about the day or the past or the future. Those are the moments gifted as a boon to look into ourselves, think about ourselves and feel blessed by the beauty of life, no matter what the circumstances might be. When we take a look around in this short journey, we might notice subtle details of life which have their own meaning relevant to everybody in this world. It could probably be a place we come across everyday, or some people whom we see everyday, or may be even some objects that we see everyday but do not notice. They are all a part of our journey and become attached to it. They leave an impact on us too, because unknowingly our journey gets crossed with theirs. Everybody is on a journey and at sometime, they are meant to be connected to ours.

Have you wondered when we are planning a vacation or going to some distant place, we get a lovely tingling feeling about the journey inside? And the beautiful part is when we literally spend time wondering about the plans to make it a journey worth the experience. We might keep discussing, planning with materialistic amenities or may even keep wondering about what else to be done; because we put all of our spirit into planning for the journey. And it is only while travelling to the destination that we experience the otherwise unnoticed joys of life. Ever wondered why the breeze from the window feels so soothing, as if that is the best companion ever, playing the strings of the soul and we wish that it remains the same way; or why the places that we see being seated at one place seem to be just meant for us, as if we can read the stories behind those places, as if we know all those places and have always lived there, as if they are our own in those moments of our journey, as if our whole journey is meant to revolve around them and would never end; or why we tend to be at peace and on our own when on a journey; or why in those moments of being away from the social world, we tend to explore ourselves more, be it with our lives or with our dreams or with our unanswered questions or with our dark aspects or with everything that was/is a part of us somewhere; or why sometimes the people we meet on a journey to our destination seem as if known since always, and we get beautiful memories or relations for lifetime; or why we feel as if at that moment we are connected more to the world beyond materialism, the one which we actually belong to, making us wonder about some very important things of our lives. Probably because those are the moments given to us for that purpose. And this beautiful feeling leaves its impact on our souls, but ends as soon as we reach our destination, because it was meant to be lived for that time. The consequences would remain but the moments may not, however their memories would. And this feeling can always be relived when we are on a journey again. May be when we are returning from a place, the memories of that place and all that we did will remain in our souls, but this feeling would be entirely different from the one we had while reaching the place earlier. It would be less of that previous excitement and enthusiasm and more of nostalgia, wishing to go back.

The same aspect connects to the ultimate journey of our lives, the one where we as humans, walk forth everyday, completely unaware of the situations or the people to come, the one where we travel everyday without being aware of the journey, but to find the reasons of our existence. We meet many people in this journey, live numerous moments, carry memories, learn lessons, live to ecstasy, cry to the core, and then? Then we continue on our journey; because we have to go further, alone. The journey is ours, only ours and nobody can live it for us. Actually, nobody can know us completely or live it for us. We are humans, we always have a part inside us, unknown to others. And it is not necessary to know that about anyone. What we need to do is just live the journey with others or with ourselves where they cross our ways, with our true passion and with those little joys of life which create moments to be carried wherever we go, no matter when. We will meet people who will teach us lessons, who might hurt us, who will be a blessing to us. Every person we meet influences the course of our journey in some way. While some of them might give a slight turn, others might touch our journey in a way that it gets deeply affected. Still, we have to continue further, being what we have become in our journey till now. And being that way, we carry a part of what those people, places and moments made us. In the end, we will always remember each and every part of this journey, owing it to all that happened, to all those who found us. And while on our journey, we might have influenced the journeys being pursued by others too. All we can do is bless the people we meet, give them the best of themselves by making them look inside to realize that they can make it up to the end beautifully, and leave them with memories too. At the end of their journeys, they will remember the ones who influenced them the most too, like we do. And by the time we really reach the end, we will realize that we have found the reason of our journey and existence; the aspect why we started it.
"I travel everyday to find myself in this universe,
 I pursue my journey with the undying faith to reach the end,
 I live the people, places, moments to carry till there,
 And when I reach there, I will know why I travelled,
 In the end, I will be proud of this journey and contented too..."

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