Saturday, 1 November 2014

We All Belong To The Hit And Trial Approach

It has been 6 years since I left school. Yet, it was a coincidence that today(November 1) on the Founder's Day of my school, when that thought was nowhere in my mind as I had been thinking about the life I live now (which is far different from what I had thought when I was a student); I could relate a simple concept learnt way back in Algebra classes with the prominent aspects in my current phase. Weird, probably, yet it is the truth.

Remember Linear Equations in n variables and the Hit And Trial Method, where we had to keep on solving the problem till we got the correct answer? It used to seem like the biggest achievement of this world at that time if we could do that in one attempt, which rarely happened back then. And what if the answer was wrong, did we go and look for errors in the middle of our solution? No, we simply solved them again and kept on trying till the correct answer was found. Did we ever realize that we as human beings do the same thing in our lives as well? No, because even if we did the same to solve those problems, it did seem tedious and exhausting to us, and somewhere in our hearts, we would have promised ourselves never to follow the same approach in our lives, had we given it a thought. Yet, unknowingly, we still use the same method that we learnt in Algebra because somehow it got settled in our minds or may be because humans are made that way, be it the ancient age or the advanced one.

The practical implementation of this unnoticed approach had begun in our school lives as well, not just to approach problems, but to approach situations and people as well. How often have we realized that we always look for a fellow human being to practise communication in some or the other form, since we are blessed by the Universe to be able to convey our ideas. And it is a fact, that no matter how introvert/shy/silent/aloof a person might be, at some point one would look around for somebody to converse with. May be to share a simple idea or a silly joke, or may be just to talk about irrelevant points so that we can escape from the relevant ones for a while, or to directly communicate what stays inside our hearts. Don't we do that?

And in this conquest of communicating our ideas lies an unaccepted yet justified fact, that we as humans are always on the lookout for a fellow being, no matter in which form. The most obvious form is of course friendship. We all begin to find a companion around us, no matter how short-termed the communication might be. And being humans, we invest more of our efforts in avenues where we want a long-termed bond, no matter in which form, be it with our siblings, cousins, neighbours, co-passengers on a journey, soul mate, or a friend. We forget that we are alone on our journey and give in ourselves to establish and maintain those bonds, because they are valuable for us.

The same goes for our dreams and aspirations. Isn't it true that most of us had thought something to do in our lives which we could never do, whatever be the reason? May be it was a wrong choice we had thought of as a child or may be situations compelled us to pursue a different road than the one we had imagined to follow. We give in our best to walk on the road which we find and it might turn out to be the wrong one. Who knows that in those trials, we find the correct road which would lead us to our destination.

This is where we experience setbacks, disappointments, happiness, failures too, because just like those mathematical problems, getting the correct solution in one attempt is never the case. Sometimes, the equations don't seem to work out between them and us; at other times, we have feasible solutions, but they are not applicable to the situations we face, or probably we realize that the equation is invalid because things didn't turn out to be as they seemed at some point. This is not just a Linear Equation, because the ones who undergo Hit And Trials are not variables, but we as persons. It should disappoint us. We should probably give up undergoing the same method again and again, only to get broken and then to recollect ourselves, and try again.

I always feel that this can never be predicted. We are part of a continuously active energy sphere, the vibrations of which keep changing. We never know and will never be able to understand  how human relationships keep changing their dimensions. I term this as the concept of 'The Changing Dimensions of Relationships'. At some point, we are a part of it, at yet another point, we play a role in deciding this factor.

If we take a look into our lives, it is so common, and surprisingly, it is often neglected. People or wishes which had once been important to us may not be near us any more in the same sense. They might have walked away by their own will leaving us baffled. Some might have left us and others might have been left by us. People and dreams which had never seemed the ones to get along with may be the ones we now get along well with.

And further, there might be times when those which had once become strange would come back and be the same to us, as if nothing had gone wrong, while those who had been sometime with us may fade away. It depends on situations and our reactions as well, how those dimensions change. We can forgive, forget, remember, love, laugh, live, cry and bleed as per our desires; taking it as the result of actions by any of us. It is destined for reasons we may never understand.

We can only keep going with the changes in dimensions for relationships with people as well as situations around us. We are mere characters playing our parts, and getting used to whatever comes in the way, because one more thing to remember is that these dimensions are always changing, temporary, hence I call them 'Changing Dimensions of Relationships' with every single person in our vicinity or dreams in our hearts.

But do we give up? Or do we even change the approach? NO. We follow the same Hit And Trial Method and keep on doing it till we get our correct answer in any form. May be on a quiet evening like this or on a night which seems silent while there is noise inside our minds, we analyze back the equations which we had tried to solve at some point in our lives, be it our friends, relationships, aspirations or dreams. We may find that we as humans are very hopeful. We always try to look for a ray of light deep inside our hearts despite the odds, and we don't stop looking till we find our ray. And may be then, we realize that Hit And Trial approach of Algebra has never left us, because it is then that we remember that it is our journey, meant to be pursued by us, while we always keep trying to establish a bond with the people around us or with the dreams inside us, in an attempt to find ourselves, and we still smile at ourselves because we know that we will keep trying till we get our correct answer to the Linear Equation. Isn't it?  ;)


  1. A thought provoking post. I don't have words how beautifully you have penned down life in so simple words. I read it twice and will keep reading it. It is the one article which I had been yearning to read from a long time. A long way to go Aditi. The way you think, the way you look at life and the way you treasure yourself is what I love. I welcome your thoughts,so deep and meaningful. Looking forward to learn from you. God Bless you. :)

    Silly Smiles... Take you Miles :)

    1. Thank you so much Surbhi! I'm glad you loved it and I'm blessed for all the words that you said about the post and me. It is your greatness that you feel so, because your words create the same magic with a deep meaning too. God bless you too my dear :)

  2. The post reflects a considerate and observative approach towards life. I just want to read it again and again. And trust me! the more times I read the more I treasure it. You are awessome diduu !! <3

    1. Thank you Swati! I am glad you could relate and liked it. :)

  3. A very optimistic approach for life. :)
    Also, it relates the practical usage of those mathematical equations which we used to practice in childhood, in our lives.
    Again, a good post ( as usual ) Aadi.
    God Bless You

  4. Th'Anku' ^_^ God Bless You too always :)