Friday, 14 March 2014

20+ is not just the most critical but the most thrilling phase of life as well!

Okay, this post is not going to be biased. Initially you can say that it is not just 20+ but every other phase of life that is decisive, critical and scary. I won't disagree for we feel that in every age. But why I say that for 20+ has a reason; and here I am talking about both men and women for what they experience. Before you enter the world outside, when you are either in your school or college, being in your late teens or when you have just turned 18, life is a little different. You are always surrounded either by your friend circle or by your family. In fact, there is a definite sphere in which you live everyday. You follow a specific routine. Even if you feel low, confused or lonely, you have somebody or the other to be with. Moreover, the issues that you face are not so critical even if they are the decisive points, because there is always an alternative or may be you know there is still time.

The real creepiness comes when you finally leave that comfortable zone, your place, that definite sphere of known people and the stable routine. You have to work things out alone because everybody you had with you have probably walked ahead or may be have already figured things out. Being in your teens or 18+ seems like a long lost phase for which you crave because life seemed to have been much simpler back then. Somehow, worrying about the usual problems between friends or about the boring assignments seems better than worrying about handling the complicated relationships with people you hardly know, or faking out yourself everyday outside at the workplace for something you really don't want to do seems to tear you apart, making you feel like escape from this kind of a life.

Career seems to be the most disturbing aspect because you know that you are no longer in school or college where you could think of another alternative in case one did not seem to be your passion. It is the critical time when you finally need to understand your actual dreams and figure out their compatibility with the world around you. You know it is too late to perform hit-and-trial by now. The complications arise when you know that your loved ones expect a lot from you and you may not want to do it their way. You have a different perception and you hardly have time to prove yourself now. The pressure comes from peers too if you are on a different track. By now, they are already busy in their own lives. You meet occasionally like earlier but your issues need to be tackled by yourself. You might see some of your closest friends being settled for their chosen roads while you are still struggling to find out what you want to do. You might even have to abandon your past completely and start afresh, giving up people who stabbed you, friends who turned out to be fake and creating a whole new version of yourself again.

Relationships seem to disturb you more. You might have differences with the opinions that your family has about you and your aspirations or about the way you lead your life. You hardly get time to escape from your work which seems to drain all the positive vibes from you and refrains you from being who you want to be, which you have probably forgotten. You miss your old days, you want to go back and stay peacefully with your loved ones again. You feel as if you are already old and tired. You feel lonely but struggling with yourself, you might be alone. By the age of 20+, average men and women have faced at least two break ups after having given in all their efforts.(Except the lucky ones who find the right ones in their first attempt and stay together). The result being that they either feel too tired of finding somebody again to go through that series of putting efforts, getting shattered and then rebuilding themselves or they have probably given up the thought of being with somebody and prefer to stay single throughout. Some even try to explore the world everyday giving up everything else around them and try to blend themselves into the different spheres around them for a short duration, in an attempt to find themselves. Others just drag with their lives or give up the usual way getting a totally different direction.

By the time you realize what you really want to do, you know you are lagging behind in the race and then you somehow manage to chase it successfully. Following what you have figured out, you even manage to find somebody for yourself, probably realizing how it came to that point. By your late 20's, you know what you are meant to be and probably by your early 30's, you have got a normal routine and a settled life which of course brings more responsibilities but somehow you are contented to be in a comfortable sphere again with issues of its own because now you find it better. After all, life goes on and every sphere brings its own pros and cons.

But looking back, you will surely agree that 20+ brought the most thrilling phase of your life and made you find yourself making you choose the most important roads of your life, probably the most unexpected ones where life turned different in reality. So, if you are in 20+ and experiencing all this, don't give up, don't be shattered. It is just another phase. Enjoy the thrill and challenge yourself everyday. You will look back, miss it and be proud of it one day too! :)