Tuesday, 28 August 2012


During my trip around North India recently, I got to experience some new facts, that so many of us must have experienced sometime in life, not talking solely about ladies my age, I intend to point towards the male majority too. We always tend to take a look on the surface and come to conclusions. A common mistake that we often commit and sometimes, this has an effect on our complete life. Haven't we tried to judge people or situations by merely what they seem, too often? Sometimes people who seem to be true are not actually so, and vice versa. Leave alone what we see around us, if we take a deep insight into ourselves, we'll find that we do the same with ourselves too! It has happened so many times when I've heard people saying that they hadn't got what they wanted and that's the reason they are left abandoned even to themselves. What we don't seem to understand is that our life is not so cheap that it should be judged by something that we couldn't achieve despite all our efforts. Somehow, I agree, this fact holds true that our destiny is judged by God and we are mere puppets in some situations, but it does not leave us with the choice of losing interest in everything else either.

I am sure God does not want to prove so by not letting us get what we wanted. Take a deeper look, beneath the surface lies the fruit, and so might be the case here. When we don't achieve our dreams, it does not mean we were not worth it, sometimes it simply means we are destined to something that could prove us to be better. As simple as that, if I could not go to the peak I desired, despite my efforts, I am meant to get to another peak for sure. Yes, everybody in this world is meant to get to a peak, only if we don't underestimate ourselves, and probably the intensity and level of the peak may vary from person to person. Parallely, the fact of being alone leaves people equally depressed. There are times when we need to realise that some chapters are meant to be suspended for something good inside the cover. This could be done only when we try to remember that every morning comes with something in hand for every individual. Here, I am not saying that we need to get our brain washed and come newly born again. Of course, we are not super heroes/super heroines. I am sure about it that nobody actually moves on in life, because the actual meaning of the phrase says 'to leave it'. Believe me, nobody actually leaves anything happened in the past. Had it been so, there would have been no memories. At a certain point in life,our unfulfilled desires and dreams will always haunt us. By moving on, it is meant that we do not let them dominate us with the same intensity as they did earlier, and slowly, they would not affect us that much; this being a well-known fact that the earnest desires are never forgotten.

It is possible that at this point having started off somewhere else, we feel that urge to get back, to start it all over again. Give it a try, and it'll be known why it isn't favourable for us. Nevertheless, even we have not been authorised by God to harass our souls. There are yet possibly unknown chapters to be added in the book of life, and the author is none other than us, the mentor being God; he merely gives us directions in which we should proceed and walking towards them depends on us. At one point of life, we will look back and realise how petty issues had made us suffer to the extent that they should not have and how our changing the directions helped us and brought us where we stand. Of course,as humans, we tend to cherish the past, and trust me, memories are something that belong to us solely, without anyone else's interruption. However, faith is the key that would lead us to the peak where we are meant to shine, and to the dreams meant to be fulfilled for us only. The only turning point in our journey is the one where we start following the right path, where faith, duty and trust would be productive too, for the feeling of contentment when we depart. It is true indeed that if its done correctly, living life once is enough.

                               I walked a thousand roads before I travelled mine,
                               I lost my soul before I regained it again in time,
                               When I look back now, it seems the perfect journey,
                                Though Everything that I saw still comes as a view,
                                And I witnessed how I found it all by mistakes,
                                Yes I remember how it affected me though,
                                Yet, I know this was the perfect one,
                                 In the end, the journey I had, brought me here.



  1. beautifully written.....i could see another paulo coelho in making :)

  2. thank u really! I feel great when people appreciate :) but Paulo Coelho is perfect and I stand nowhere in comparison. :)

  3. This one is really beautiful.. could help those who get demoralised soon... especially people of our age!

  4. Thank u Nikita :) I'd be glad if people our age read it and find it helpful.