Tuesday, 14 January 2014

We live exactly what we think!

The title would seem obvious to you. You might say 'Of course, what's new in that?' I don't intend to create a new theory indeed. It is just a common experience that goes unnoticed and I am trying to highlight its importance over here. Look at what you are doing right now, be it the smallest or the most insignificant act. Let's connect it with with what you might be doing right now and I will tell you how you are creating an attachment of your moments to come unknowingly.

I start with the same question again. Answer yourself- What are you doing right now? You would say you are reading or probably listening to songs or chatting right away or even chilling out at home. There could be anything that you are doing, but I am sure you are thinking about something too. Something for sure, be it very small or insignificant. Some thought exists at the back of your mind always. And unknowingly you are connecting the task that you are doing with that random thought. Say for instance, you are driving and in your subconscious mind, unknowingly, you have a very faint vision of a thought about your aspirations. It may not be dominant but you are surely thinking about it somewhere deep inside your heart. As soon as you are interrupted by something else while driving or if you reach your destination, that thought will also come to a hault, but it will remain in your mind. The next time when you drive, even if you are not at all thinking about your aspirations and there are other thoughts with which you are preoccupied, you will still have the thoughts about your aspirations revolving in your mind, even when you try to shed them off and concentrate your mind somewhere else, they will remain inside, and every time you drive, you will have a trace of them coming up to the surface. Each time you drive, the thoughts in your conscious or subconscious mind will get collected inside you, and will try to get revived when you do the same task again.

Now, how does that happen, you will wonder. Well, there's certainly no superpower involved but yes there is the magic of this universe that plays a role in this! Every time you think about something or do something, you are leaving traces in this universe. Traces of your thoughts, and those traces are being collected. They remain conserved here itself, around you. The task that you do while thinking about them sets itself on a frequency that matches every time you do it. Hence they are brought back to you when you do it again even if you are not trying to think about them. In fact, these are just instances of those unexplained reasons which you don't find when you experience this.

You don't realize but you are always leaving traces whenever you do anything. Be it anything. And that's why, sometimes, you might even tend to receive trace by others when you reach the same frequency of thoughts that they have left in their traces. That explains the coincidences between human beings experienced for the smallest of actions that go unnoticed. Yes, there is a lot in this universe that goes unnoticed and that you never tend to understand, leaving it as something obvious.

I am sure now you must be thinking that if such is the case, then is it possible that whatever you experience is a result of what you think. Yes is the answer. You are unconsciously creating the situations that you face in daily life. Even if they are negative at times, it is because you were wondering without noticing that something will go wrong and your fears start getting collected. The traces return to you in materialistic form. Do you realize what I am trying to say?

You are creating each step you take. It is in your mind, in your control. And with every task that you do, you are attaching the thoughts in your mind with them, which will come back to you when you do the task again. I think I am clear that what you need to is just feel good and do the best with everything that you do, because that is what will come back to you when you do it every time

And of course, I may be sounding the same, but as I always say, "Everything that happens has a reason, and your task is to wait and watch and you will find it. So if you believe, everything will fall in the right place, as you think in this cosmos, because it will remain and come back to you."