Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Why does it get difficult to follow our own chosen path sometimes?

Being human beings, we have been blessed with an intellect to see, observe, calculate, reason out and decide our own choices in life. Probably one of the most important factors which makes us different from other living beings in the universe. So using our very special intellects, it is solely our responsibility to make the best of our choices. At some point in our lives, we might feel the urgent need to make out and decide the direction which we desire to follow in order too reach our destination. However difficult it might seem, we make it through and there we start off happily on our chosen path. The one, for which we have a fire inside our hearts, the one for which we have thought we would never give up, until we reach our desired point. Following it thinking of the goal and the happiness we dream of, makes it so easy for us to continue on that one. And everything seems pretty smooth. But wait! Isn't life defined by twists? Aren't our hearts often deceived by ourselves?

So here comes the beginning of the turn! We have people around us who think we are crazily stupid because of the choices we make. Of course in the beginning it doesn't matter to us. In fact, we don't even pay heed to what they think. Pretty cool! And then we have our own spheres- social, relational, personal which often try to pull us back from there. Again, we have already made the choice, so we stick to it and concentrate only on the reasons which made us go for a particular path thinking that we have made a choice in life, discarding all that we did not want to do.

And then starts the second stage. We have spent quite sometime following our hearts. Most of the times, the goal is not achieved in the desired manner easily. We still believe in ourselves and our path. Yet, we have something that starts to creep in from the little crack in the wall of our own plans. This crack is an obvious one, created unknowingly all this time, of which we are unaware. So somewhere at the back of our minds, we start wondering if the critics are right. This might not be accepted by our hearts, but we do start wondering. Add to it, the stories we come to know about those who made it through for their choices, we give way to a secret doubt- a doubt on our choice, a doubt on ourselves.

Which brings the last stage. We have already spent too much time watching all this around us, and by now we are still somewhere on the way. At this point, we start wondering if there is something really wrong. We start contemplating upon the reasons and slowly upon the choice we made. Unknowingly, we come to the point where we stop believing in it and wonder how it would have been, had we made some other choice. Those who think again, might survive this stage and reject the newly developed thoughts, continuing on their paths. Sadly, maximum of us tend to follow something else, being tired of the choice we made, or simply give up, thinking that it was a destined incident with us, and very uncommon.

Well, I think it happens with everyone. Some of us would agree, others may not accept, but would agree silently for sure. And the biggest mistake that we make in this scenario explained above is that we forget exactly what we had thought of remembering as the reason for our choices made. Yes! When we had made our choice, we satisfied our reasoning with the simple logic that we are humans and we have our own intellect to make our choices. Why forgetting it now? We are humans! We have the right to make mistakes, isn't it? And being humans, it is obvious to get under pressure, have doubts, restart from anywhere when we think and of course to correct our mistakes. It is natural if we get depressed, tired or distracted from the far off lights. But after all that happens, we simply give up because we wonder if it is only with us.

So we might make mistakes, have doubts, reason out and yet get distracted from the paths we chose long back, but believe me, there will always be a point where we will remind ourselves of what we are meant to be. If we hadn't made that choice in the first place, there must have been a reason for that, and that reason always remains, even if just in the background. So even if we think some other path will lead us there and think of abandoning our choice, then at some point there will be an intuition. The one, which will bring us back to our originally desired path. It will remind us of the peace it brings, the passion which is only workable for that one path, the happiness when we dream of it. That voice might be feeble, we might have to try a little more to listen to it, but it will be there. I myself have experienced it. And once we have heard it, we come back to our own path, with a desire stronger than before, being more focused this time.

So go on, listen to that voice, don't give up and continue with the path already chosen! It will surely lead you there.

Bon Voyage!


  1. But yes!! The inner us is always not correct about everything. So perhaps v shud sometimes b ignoring the inner voice.

    1. Thank you for commenting here Rohit! :) What you said might be true sometimes but probably because when we think we have heard it, we actually haven't. May be we stick to what we think is right. That's why there is always the point of thinking again, and it will surely give us the answer. It will come from inside, when we might not be able to listen I think :)