Friday, 30 March 2012

You're on a Voyage- Part II

Today, a rendezvous with a very old school friend made me wonder about a very basic saying, "Time flies, and so do people." So true!! When we started, we met some people whom we now called good old friends. We never actually realize how long it has been till we look back, and trust me looking back is not always bad. Sometimes it is needed to remind us of how we used to be, how  we are now, and it does help to decide how we should be. Its true that situations are not always the same, but to some extent, our past never leaves us. It always has some impact on us, be it in any way, be it the smallest ever. The strange part about it is that, even if it does not hold any importance at present, it always affects the same. We never realize it until we face it personally. And what more, we always love to cherish it, and somehow, long lost moments always help to remind us how we can improve some part of our present.

When we had started, we were taught "Treat others the way you want them to treat you." As we went further, the places changed and so did our friends, but this statement always held true in our lives. However, the strange fact is that we always tend to forget this as we grow up. Often we might complain that our loved ones have changed, but we never realize that even we have! Again, its appropriate to say, "Look into your ownself first."  Another friend at college made me wonder why we end up blaming others first, is it that we don't see our own mistakes or that we ignore them purposely just for the sake of being on the cleaner side?

Whatever be the reason, such situations always leave some depressions in the already-filled heart, that can never be actually filled again. If you are tired of people who keep on blaming you and you can't say anything, then, of course the best way to handle such a situation is to keep quiet and let actions go in the desired way. Every person in this world is mature enough to know what should be done, when and how. Forcing somebody to do something we want only creates tensions which can not be handled. And they were never wrong, when those old people used to say, "Time is the greatest healer." You shall see that after quite a long time, things would turn neutral, if not negative.

When things you look at have to be changed, it is better that you start being open to every idea that comes to your mind, rather than being confined to a particular one. There is no point explaining people when they can't understand because one can't keep giving explanations to people who don't want to understand. When you walk with an open mind, you will never find  things wrong and ultimately your reactions towards situations will become normal on their own. That would be the time when you will not get affected by anything on your journey called "life".

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