Wednesday, 23 May 2012

You're on a Voyage- Part III

Most of us are going to enter a new phase of life soon, and all I can recall about this change is something that a friend of mine had remarked on the farewell eve, and which I too have believed at some point or the other.
Every stage of life gives memorable exeriences, good or bad ones, but memorable. We know what we can carry ahead in life, and more than the list of what should be done, we are well-versed with what should not be done- another criteria of learning from a stage.

Yes, definitely every stage of life leaves us with some lifetime experiences, cherishable or disastrous. It is only the way we look at them. Whe we know a phase has ended, it is always better to remember everything as an experience that is over. It not only helps to reduce the bitterness for the same but also opens up our minds for what comes next. Of course, things don't remain the same anymore, and so it is time to confront with them and come to a conclusion.Broken or uncertain relationships, confused decisions, unfaithful friends, and misgivings of the past cannot be carried all along the journey. There comes a time when it is necessary to forget them and move ahead, for the prison of past in which one lives can never harness the potential one has.

A person who can win over the past, sufferings and pain is the one who is always victorious and remains happy and contented.

It is always feasible to behave the way world behaves with us, because the soul that resides inside us has got no reason to suffer for anybody who doesn't care. There we see the importance of the saying. "Treat others the you want them to treat you". Believe me, vice-versa is equally applicable. When we see it is painful to carry something, it is better to discard it. There might be several reasons for why it happens.When people know it is the end of a phase, their behaviour changes, and many a times they show their real colours. Probably the reason why ,towards the end of a phase in life, we get to know the people for lifetime communication or those who would never be in touch since then. It cannot be seen as a fault in others, a natural human aspect- which we can call as gaining opportunity from what comes in front. The best part to remember is that they never seemed to be that way when they went all along. I have seen people making mistakes but still putting the blame on the one who was affected by the consequences. Nevertheless, this gives us an opportunity to finally make the decision of giving up, and trust me, life turns energetic and creative for new stages after that.

Yet, at the end of a stage, we remember everything, and just near about the end, everything comes with a flash, let it come, it might be for the last time perhaps, and would never trouble after this. Of course, it is good to remember everything that happened or we learnt. It would surely help us sometime in life, and after a certain period, we would even forget the bitter sufferings and remember them as mere experiences. But, till then, it is absolutely alright to wake up from what does not hold true anymore, and remember only what gave pleasure, so that the end of this stage would prepare us for another one yet to come openly.

ALL THE BEST for a new stage of life!!

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