Tuesday, 28 February 2012

You're on a Voyage- Part I

When I was a child, I got to read in many books that life is a journey and trust me I never really had an idea as to what it meant. I heard people saying that we have to travel till the end and at every stage we have some stoppages. Again, to be very true, I always thought either they were crazy or I was untouched by that aspect of life. As time passed by, I had many experiences of  this side too deeply, and now I can say I know very well that those people were not fools, and all that was there in those books was not a mere crap.

Isn't it true for everyone as well? When you start to walk, there is unbounded energy inside and you're sure you'll get to the desired destination, even if you have no idea how to get there. As you continue, you have numerous unexpected obstacles that lower your energy, and leave you clueless. Sometimes, you land up being doubtful whether you should continue on the same track or not. But somehow, you still do, and by the end, you know that life is a journey.

A journey- where you have so many roads that you came across; there were some you'd decided to follow, but you actually did not; some which you had never thought of taking but you followed; some which others chose for you, and yet others which you still wish to take someday. Sometimes you might look back and ponder upon the ones you could never choose for yourself, or the ones that you wanted, but as you keep travelling the ones in your present, you get used to them somehow and they form a part of your life-good or bad. Each road that you follow leaves an unforgettable lesson for you. Its like the lessons that you learn in schools but with a broader perspective.

The strangest fact that remains here is that a midst all this you keep walking and somehow even you get to prove that 'Life goes on'.

Its a journey where you meet people,thousands of them, some stay for a few minutes, others who stay for long, some whom you just keep in a faint memory, and others who leave a deep impact, and almost nobody stays till the end with you. You would have had many people who used to be a part of your life, at sometime or the other. Believe me, it doesn't matter, if they remain with you or not, because those that left you earlier, gave you the not-so-deep-yet-important lessons. Others who left you after long, gave you the assets which you would definitely find useful, even if they seem negative now. Trust me, every person whom you live with, is going to hurt you or break your trust at sometime in life. It depends on you how you accept the situation and how you still want them. After all, you are a human being and your most important characteristic that you have learnt since primary school is that you are a social creature. Well, this fact earns you so many moments that a human brain cannot even record all of them. Yes, you are never alone, you are surrounded by a world yet unexplored, and people you haven't yet met.

Everyday you might have your normal chores to be done, but as you continue, there is something new that you learn, and something still unknown to you. The greatest secret of life is that it never opens all its cards at any stage, and when you recollect yourself from what remains after all your failures or grievances, you still have many more moments to live, roads to travel, and people yet to meet, all in this voyage and there is somebody who has been all along with you- of course that's you!!

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