Monday, 18 January 2016

The Voyage

She was on a voyage to find something,
A part of herself which was missing,
Not to complete her being along,
But to add to who she was now.

They said she was insane and lost,
To look for something that had gone by,
But she had seen that world sometime,
She believed in the presence of dreams.

She visited places where she had lived,
And witnessed herself living there again,
She met people who had once known her,
And found herself in the reminiscences.

She wandered her dreams again,
And found her traces in those worlds,
She explored her beliefs in solitude,
And came across the warrior she was.

"To find that which is lost,
One needs to be what was lost",
She remembered someone had told her,
And off she ventured into the past.


There was a city long ago,
She was a little girl lost in the city,
None came to find her ever,
All who saw her looked at her in pity.

She had an agony that none could hear,
Devoid of strength, joy and love,
She wondered what she could do,
Scared, she prayed and looked above.

None believed that anything could happen until,
As if from nowhere appeared someone,
Who believed that she was a miracle,
He took her along as his own one.

He brought joys, lessons, insights,
And reminded her that she was a warrior,
"You don't lose until you give up",
And she knew their worlds were similar.

She called the angel her 'Captain',
And the ship went to universes afar,
They won battles of despair and light,
Sharing a bond that was unbreakable.

He built a kingdom for the little one,
Where she learned of her history,
But none could understand her strength,
To her and everyone else, he was a mystery.

Often she wondered why only she saw him,
But never could she ask him who he was,
Until one day she found out a truth,
He was a fugitive from the land of enemies.

Unable to think of anything else,
She murmured,"How can I trust you?"
The angel, dilapidated, blessed her,
And decided to walk away.

She wondered why he used to preach,
"One day I will have to leave",
But she had wanted him to stay,
And know why he was a mystery.

Days and nights passed by for her,
She could not find the magic she possessed,
Nor could she find him and his mystery,
She missed the angel who had blessed her.

And off she went on a voyage,
To find the missing part of magic,
That was symbolic of him she knew,
Present in another parallel universe.


The voyage reminded her of who she was,
And there she remembered how to find,
All that had went missing including him,
Somewhere in another universe.

She churned the hidden battles,
And won over her enemies,
Until she reached her destination,
And there he was in that universe, to applaud.

"Where have you been Captain?
I missed you a lot", she said, bereft.
"I waited for you to win yourself and you did,
As for me, I had never really left."

The little girl set off with him on the voyage,
And she remained a warrior none could forget,
But only she knew how blessed she had been,
To live an unbreakable bond with an angel who never left.

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