Saturday, 23 January 2016

The Cherished Solitude

I have always wondered why most of the people get bored of being alone, why is it that they always enjoy in a company. I feel that God has already created a wonderful soul inside each one of us, then why is it that many people take their solitude as a curse. I do not understand why they give in to anybody they find, just for the sake of having a company. I know time seems more like a friend when in a company, but can't the same time seem blissful when you are alone? How can you expect to enjoy in a company when you try to escape your solitude?

Have you ever tried listening to the voice of your heart, which never gets heard when you are already surrounded by voices. It is only when you are alone, that you can hear the beautiful voice of your own heart, the voice that can never be wrong, the voice that will lead you to your answers. That voice waits for you to sit silently and listen to the world inside you. Ever tried being your own friend for sometime? There lies a world beyond you, to be explored, and it waits to be explored only by you and your solitude.

When I am alone, I love to contemplate upon so many things. Often I sit in silence when I feel a little drained out in crowds, without getting much time to listen to the feeble voices inside my mind. I get the answers to numerous questions boggling at the back of my mind. More often than not, the inability to spend quality time with myself makes me feel suffocated unless I get to be with myself at the end of the day. Yes, I have been termed as an anti-social person quite a lot of times, but I don't mind that. How can you expect someone to be contented when they have not fed their minds with that solitude that calls for them?

What can you even do when you are alone? I have been asked so many times. Each one has a world of his/her own-- a world completely unknown to anyone else. I like to visit that world too. It is refreshing to explore a beautiful world with unlimited energy and aspects and it always makes me awed at the surprises I receive from there. I love to sing and I can listen to the most beautiful voice from my heart. I love to read and I enter an unknown world. I love to write and I often pen down some of the soulful pieces of writing that I've ever written. And there is always something new, which keeps me going on my path. I love to travel alone and I see so many aspects which I hadn't noticed till then.


There is so much to be known in this world of mysteries. There lies a story behind every person I meet, behind every place I visit, behind every written word, behind every action around me,behind every little sign of this universe, and I love to explore it in my solitude; so much that sometimes I don't need anybody around me. I enjoy the bliss in the inner world that I explore at my own choice. It needs nobody else. It never requires me to behave socially. I can be myself in that world, and enter or exit as per my convenience, far beyond the materialistic and superficial world, with divine realizations. In short, I can find my magic moments which otherwise might go unnoticed.

So if you haven't given a thought about spending some quality time alone, enter the world of introspection. Try reading a book alone once. Try writing down your thoughts once. Try singing a song once. Try thinking about your dreams or memories once. Try enjoying the breeze or raindrops once being yourself. Try having a cup of coffee once. Try walking on a beautiful moonlit night outside once, or travelling to an unknown place, or probably to a known place as if you are doing that for the first time. You will be surprised to meet a version of yourself you had never known before....Try it all alone to find the beauty of solitude and you will find yourself . You will find your strengths when you feel lost, your individuality when you feel covered up with illusions.

There remains a light with you that shows up when you look for it inside yourself. Never forget that it is the same light which you will find outside too, amidst all the storms you might have to face. That's the beauty of silence and solitude. You might fall in love with your destiny even though it seems to put up new challenges everyday. The shadows which you see around yourself might be a reflection of what you fear inside yourself. You might be able to face them, accept them, or even win over them. Your faith best shows up in solitude. Never is a person stronger than he/she could be after knowing the beauty of solitude.

There is an addictive pleasure in feeling yourself breathe and wonder how much creativity the universe has invested in building everything around you. Believe me, that world of solitude which you often try to escape, out of your fears is actually blissful. Just visit it once and you will fall in love with it. You can even share it with someone who understands this world. You will find a few like you who carry their secret worlds inside them, and once you have found people like you, you will never feel lonely, sharing the same worlds. You know what, even if you don't find them, you won't need to find anybody, they will just cross your path by coincidences, because you will not fear your solitude any more, you will fall in love with it.

"The journey inside myself seems much more interesting than the one I traverse in the world outside. I am one of those who have covered just a millionth part of it, yet I would never like to stop."


  1. "The shadows which you see around yourself might be a reflection of what you fear inside yourself. "

    So true. May you keep exploring the universe inside you, and let us peak in it via the words you write. :)

  2. Thank you Rohan :) May you keep inspiring with your words. O:)