Sunday, 1 November 2015


Words as plain as one wishes the obstacles to be,
Words as strong as one wishes the desires to be,
Words as peaceful as one wishes the aurora to be,
Words as deep as one wishes the impact to be,
Words as mesmerizing as one wishes the dreams to be,
Words as raw as one wishes the passions to be,
Words as hopeful as one wishes the days to be,
Words as beautiful as one wishes the heart to be,
Words as soulful as one wishes the moments to be,
Words as profound as one wishes the imaginations to be,
I write words, mere words, to pour all that my soul says,
It is just a matter of words for I know nothing better right now,
And I write words to express the voice of my own heart,
And somewhere I wish those words play their part well,
By reaching out to souls who read them sometimes,
Yes somewhere I wish to bring peace to souls which read them,
Words that might seem soothing to those souls I wish,
Words that might show them who they are and who they want to be,
Words that would pull them out of the darkness they live in,
Words that would reduce the dilemma of their souls,
Words that will show me my own roads out of the fog,
I write words, mere words, to pour all that my soul says,
And to be the voice of souls which seek their strengths.
Sometimes when everything around me seems hopeless,
When I don't find peace inside my soul for a single second,
When there is too much that seems to rush through it,
I wonder about all that I had always wanted to do,
It gives me sometime to think about how I can still bring peace,
And I find that if I forget my own dreams that will never be true,
There is so much still left to be done for that desired peace,
I realize life is too short to do it all at once,
Yet I can give it a try, doing as much as I can,
There is so much to find out, so much to write,
There are so many places to visit in my solitude,
And when I wonder about those places I find,
That words might be the instruments I play with,
Yet I cannot put everything that is felt in words,
There is so much magic in this world yet unknown,
It exists for some and remains absent for others,
And of those stories behind everything,
The wind, the beauty, the bliss, the river, the clouds,
The pains, the smiles, the love, the turmoil, the hopes,
I cannot put everything into words with which I play,
Because words do not support me always,
I am a weak human being at times,
Who cannot use their beauty to express it all,
Life is too short to write about everything,
And I am just another traveller attempting to do some of it,
Whom the world might never remember,
But one day I will have written some of it through words.

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