Tuesday, 6 August 2013

I am Still Understanding it...

Each day life gave me a new lesson, each day I learnt that i wasn't perfect,
in knowing what life could be, and yet each day i realised,
there was much I'd learnt, yet, still more I had to learn,
I happened to sit and gaze at that distant tree that i saw everyday as it grew,
I noticed that it had seen everything, and though it was still the same,
it had changed and learnt, that the changes had to come,
though they came through pain and suffering.
I saw that wall of my terrace, which grew older each day,
and though it was still the same, it had changed in every aspect too,
through its faded appearance, it reflected that it had learnt a lot,
again by losing tears and shedding some moments.
I went through those old books, that i used to read in Kindergarten,
I knew I had learnt a lot since then,but I wished I learnt it again.
It seemed that my first lesson, had been the best one I'd ever got.
The first lesson that I learnt in life, was to be innocent,
to close my eyes and live for the dream i saw,
just because God was with those who were true.
Day by day I realised again,that this wasn't exactly true,
I learnt something each day that was new.
The last lesson that life gave me till now, was to live in reality,
to undergo changes and to know that it was needed for me,
although I realised that even this wasn't perfectly true.
Sometimes i wonder, if the last lesson that i learnt, should have been my first one,
why it happened and i changed through pain,
but then i close my eyes and realise, that even changes could not change the whole of me,
I learnt from my mistakes, and though it hurt, but the memories I got made me joyous,
yes it was all necessary step by step for me to stand and face everything,
and one thing that i found common in that first and last lesson,
was to have faith in God or myself, to believe and walk till all my dreams came true.
Yes it happened with all of us,that ironically we travel in between those two lessons,
and then we realise there's still lots to learn.....
Yes I colud just wipe my tears and smile at myself, and stand up again to walk,
I could just say, "I am still learning, yeah , I am still understanding life.........."
/* I know this will never stop, and even till my last breath I would say the same,
"Yeah, I am still understanding life..........."  */

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