Friday, 23 November 2012

It isn't chilly, Its beautiful....Winter comes for me..

Phew! It might seem crazy for a grown up to start writing about the favourite season. You would say, "Nuts??" Even I had never imagined in life that I would present it as to why I have always loved winter and wait with the countdown to let it come and make me live, rejoice. Oh! I forgot some winter haters would be reading this and would be in disagreement. Well that brings me to the reason for posting this, I recently saw more than just a few sweet people I know, who hate winter, or are scared of the chill and the cold it brings, and hence, was tempted to let them see the unexplored beauty that this season brings. Here, I am a mere winter-lover and this is just a futile attempt but a gist of what depth and love I find from October to February.

Though when I walk without a jacket or stand outside shivering, I am taken as another insane girl, but I love it. Now, it is not just lately, I had realized a few years back that I had always loved winter, and as I grew up, I got more reasons to do so. As a child of course, it seemed painful to come out of the blanket, get ready for school, and shiver in the blazer/sweater. Being fully covered too, did not work at times(especially as it is said,the era of global cooling reduces temperature every year). I am no supergirl, I shivered equally. Yes I did! But again, I loved to do so. How you would ask now? Well, I had endless reasons for that. Winter, in school days, always brought Diwali (my favourite festival). Favourite, not for the crackers, but for the lights that gave me a feeling of unknown joy and victory. Now, you would say even Holi comes in the chill, but sorry I do not like the way it is celebrated, putting colours without a thought on others. Coming back to Winter, I loved the season of festivals. Be it the typical brahmin family diwali puja all night, or the festivals that followed. Christmas in the utter chill brought immense joy to me. Being in those schools, I could enjoy the carols season in December. Though, we had unit tests too, but that didn't spoil the joy. It was on chilly nights, that we welcomed new year as children, and still do. How  could I hate such a season!

Tracing back again, the most lovable part that leaves me mesmerized in winter is the night and the breeze, the awesome Darjeeling weather(my favourite place), and that feeling of surrendering myself to it. Somehow the love that I have for my songs or my poems or the books I read, or the places I visit, it all accumulates and forms the love for winter.Yes, I love to go to the terrace at night without a jacket, and open my arms to let the breeze hug me, and give everything it brings, that ecstasy! Of course, I feel the chill, but when I shiver, that warmth of the love I find for nature protects me, it brings to me the beauty and not the chill. I love it when I see a sky with the moon, and the breeze touches my face, it makes me fly when I think of the love, the eternal love and completeness that can be found in nature this way, the one that exists inside all of us, but seldom recognized. I love to keep the windows down when I drive in winter nights, to peep out into the balcony at midnight, just to get a wave of breeze. Another lovable aspect, especially in Jabalpur about winter is that it never comes without rain. Yes! another favourite thing for me. When it rains, everybody loves to get wet without a raincoat. Now, just try it in winter too, with that feeling of love I explained above. Let those drops go from your face to your soul and make you complete. God has sent this miracle for you! How can you miss it!

I was always the last one to start wearing jackets or increase their number and the first to stop wearing jackets or to reduce their number in college too. Friends saw me as insane plus a show-off, a girl trying to show that she is daring! I never minded but that was definitely not the reason. However, I did not explain them my reasons of course. Whenever at 2 in the night, I went for a hair wash(using cold water like always), my mother used to think I am trying to challenge my health, but that was not so. So sweet of her, that she surrendered to my love for winter.Again, I am not trying to show off that I do not feel cold. Everybody would, but just telling some sweet people how I love winter, and wait for it every year to shower the blessings of that feeling God sends for me. Hence, I am just trying to say, go once, experience it, it welcomes you with open arms, fall in love with the winter season, it comes only for you!!

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