Thursday, 30 August 2012

The Concept Of Soulmates

This is just a review that I had on what I read about the concept of soulmates. This is a completely personal outlook and everybody might have different views.

I do not know if the kind of immortality that Paulo Coelho has explained in ‘Brida’ about the everlasting existence of every part of the soul that lives inside every being that exists on the Earth is true, but there is something called faith and belief, that is far beyond the materialistic world and much ahead of the concept of worldly matters. If the soul exists beyond the world, then after peace, there is a stage of salvation too, and if we human beings attain it during our lifetime, we have achieved the eternal truth of an individual’s existence. It is true that in every incarnation, that part of the soul which exists inside our body, has a part of it somewhere on the Earth, the one which had been a part of us in our previous births, and it is a fact, that this part had been the one, which was split into two when we left our body in the previous incarnation, but it had never left the universe actually. A part of it remained here, wandering in the universe, and the other part was the one which came into our body in the next incarnation.

According to the ‘Theory of Relativity’ by Einstein and even the facts of science, this idea has been supported well, that everything that was once created in the universe, always remains here, because nothing can ever escape the Earth. It just undergoes phase transformations, be it body or soul, as we have studied for every particle by the ‘Law of Conservation of Energy and Matter’. So, it is comprehended that the soul that we had once left as a part is still there on the Earth in this incarnation, and this is the soul which is actually a part of us, and completes our being. It is possible that we may not be able to recognise that soul, but this is true, that the one who possesses that part of our soul from any of our incarnations is our soul mate. There are ways explained in spiritual sciences to recognize the soul mate. It is said that after gaining the complete knowledge of them, the person can see a point of light above the left shoulder of his/her soul mate and feel the strong attracting waves between them. Nevertheless, for common human beings, who are not aware of the deep knowledge, it is said that the soul mate has a special kind of light in the eyes that is visible only to the counterpart. Also, the strong waves of emotions can be felt.

However, because of so many incarnations and subdivisions of our original soul, it so happens that the oldest subdivision becomes weaker in strength. Plus, it is possible that there are more than one soul mates on this Earth in one incarnation that have the same root soul! It is even possible that we meet none, one or more of them. In that case, where more than one soul mates are concerned, there is always a phase of suffering. It is not necessary that the spiritual soul mate who is our counterpart remains with us forever. In fact, it seldom happens in reality. It might be short-termed, when we meet our soul mate and recognise him/her, just for a moment , but it is always beautiful and has an everlasting effect, wherein the memory remains in the soul even after we leave the body.

We humans might be living in the illusion that we want money, power or fame, but the actual quest that humans have during their life unconsciously, is for happiness, peace and their counterpart. The journey gets completed when knowledge meets power and the wisdom of magic is created. The discontentment is caused when this path to traverse seems complicated in the search. When these soul mates have to go apart, humans undergo the worst phase of suffering and loneliness that could harm the soul, or could even deviate them from the path of peace. However, it can be retraced once the counterpart is united, wherein the search gets completed when salvation is to be achieved at the time they depart from the world. Since the two souls are a part of each other, it is believed that the strong waves of emotions felt by one soul, be it severe pain, happiness or discontentment, are in some way, felt by the other one too, might be unknowingly. That probably explains the beliefs that soul mates who are away, can always sense the intensity of emotions by a kind of telepathy. It is possible that consciously they might be thinking of something else, but the subconscious mind can feel a sudden rise or fall of the energy waves within and make out that something has happened. It is explained by the scientists as a tinge of waves in the mind, getting affected irrespective of the present normal conscious state of one’s own soul.

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