Sunday, 17 July 2016


As the leaves get dripped in rain,
And the stream flows without stopping,
Rolling pebbles and stones on the way,
The heart finds a place to stay,
To ponder upon the journey till now,
Somewhere beneath desires turn and toss,
In the noisy pattering of raindrops,
Which soothe the soul and thoughts,
When mornings seem fresh and alive,
I wonder if my heart will stay here,
When a fierce wind will make me fly,
Yet I know I wait for Autumn,
When the mornings seem silent,
And they are clear and numb,
Yet hiding their unearthed stories,
When regrets and dreams collide,
And hopes and fears stay by their side,
Trying to melt the frozen nights,
When dried leaves get blown away,
Despite not wanting to move,
Yet knowing the reasons henceforth,
When darkness is embraced by light,
To find an abode together somewhere,
Perhaps paying off an old debt in time,
When the chill makes you struggle,
To live with broken twigs and lost innocence,
To remember scars or strengths that healed you,
To love the falling snow outside or the warmth inside,
Because victories and defeats are one,
When stars seem to change the destiny,
And turn lost lands into paradises,
When complaining moans and cries,
Change to silent soothing whispers,
But some things are to be left as they are,
Some stories are to left unfinished and unrevealed,
For the pages have been turned by,
That is not the story of this Earth,
That is not some kind of an exile,
It is a frozen chunk inside every heart,
That rejoices on seeing rains or winds,
But finds comfort in the frozen numbness,
Because it feels one's own in reality,
Because it gives hope to find an abode,
Where autumn is beautiful too,
Where hopes and dreams collide,
And everything else is turned by the tide,
So I will stay here to rejoice the rains,
Until I know I have to get lost and find myself again,
And wait till Winter brings the beautiful chill,
But in the end I still wait for Autumn, which is mine,
Don't look for me over here again after a battle,
For I will be gone to where my journey takes me..



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