Saturday, 28 June 2014

The Awaited Miracle

It was a day full of darkness around,
He was a star lost in twilight abound.
When he saw an aurora of light,
It was her essence that seemed bright.
He watched her everyday for years,
He saw her beautiful smiles and tears.
But she did not know that he existed,
She remained where her past persisted.
Then came the day when they had to depart,
He still did not think that feeling would drift apart.
But destiny made her cross his way,
Yes right there on that very last day.
And though she eyed him feeling strange,
He caught her attention for a change..
Since that day they got to know each other,
Yes when they could have been just another.
She found a miracle in him like a blessing,
He found the peace in her refreshing.
And then she unknowingly found her soul mate,
He did not know she fell for a love so great.
They shared their worlds being the only lights,
Their secret companions were those enchanting mid nights.
They made innocent promises as their only remains,
And wished for some dreams to travel the same lanes.
She travelled the world being only his,
He remained back there unaware of that bliss.
And though he remained the same always,
She lived him forever in her own ways.
He thought she was meant for somebody,
She wanted only him and nobody.
Now they remain together yet far apart,
Carrying a bliss in each heart.
And she madly loves the one who used to see her,
Wishing that someday he would know why they came together.

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