Sunday, 2 June 2013


On reading the title, you may wonder what it is about, but what I am going to say over here is something very obvious to all of us. However, as with every other thing that is obvious, we tend to ignore it too.

Everyday each human being has a particular routine, a particular set of chores to be performed. Everybody is busy: so busy that at times, they forget what they had actually wanted to do with their lives. Also, it might occur to some that they are comfortable in the kind of cover that they have created for themselves so far. Seldom do they think what life could be outside that so-called safe shell. People question themselves what they can do and conclude from the surface that today was like yesterday and tomorrow is going to be the same too. They often complaint that life is very unfair. It did not give them any blessings ever. All their chances  to rejoice were taken away.

However, they forget that they will understand the miracles of life only when they surrender themselves and allow the unexpected to happen. Yes, you have to take risks. That is what I mean at the first instance. A person who does not take risks is really unlucky. Perhaps the person would never be disappointed, perhaps the person won't suffer the way people do when they have a dream, a desire to follow. But when the person looks back, because at some point everybody looks back, he/she would realize that the magic moments have passed by and there was nothing that was done with the miracles or talents bestowed by God. Just because, the fear of losing everything made it all buried inside. The point to regret would not bring things back. Sometimes when you decide not to change, and look back after a point of time, just to discover that you have changed, you'll find that the unexpected journey brought miracles too, along with the sufferings.

Everyday, life gives you something or the other to rejoice about. There is a moment, may be small, when you can change everything that makes you unhappy. You may pretend that such a moment does not exist, that you haven't perceived it. But if you really pay attention, you will find that it is there waiting for you to recognize it. It may occur when you do something small, may be just putting your belongings on the desk or during a quiet tea break or when you sing or write to yourself. But that moment exists, when the power of all the stars becomes your happiness and you can perform miracles. Happiness is sometimes a conquest within yourself. You know that you can be happy by the miracle but you fear to move ahead. Your magic moment helps you to change and sets you off in search of your dreams. It might make you suffer, it might even bring disappointments, but all this is temporary. When you look back, you will be proud of the journey you took by following your heart.

It happens at times when an uncontrollable sadness grips you because your magic moment has passed and you did nothing about it. You have to listen to the child behind your grown up mind, the child you had once been, which still exists somewhere. The child understands magic moments very well. You may ignore its voice, but cannot stop it. If you cannot look at life with the enthusiasm and innocence of a child, you have no point to be called mature. Those who try to kill the natural instincts inside them commit a sin. Why can't you pay attention to what the child inside you tells you to do. You should not be embarrassed by this child. This child should never be scared because it lives alone inside you. 

You must allow the child to take the reigns of your life. The child knows that everyday is different from every other day. The child should be allowed to feel loved. You must please this child even if it means you have to act in ways that seem stupid to others or the ways you are not used to. Human wisdom is merely madness for God. It is only when you listen to your soul, that your energy will make you shine.

 So, go on. If the child in you loves to walk alone, singing to yourself; or if it rejoices in feeling those first showers of rain or the night breeze on the face alone on the terrace, then pour yourself into it. If the child wants you to play outside despite your age, or if it wants to create and give happiness, go ahead and spread the joy. If the child says, you want to have an ice cream on a winter night; or if it wants to create moments with the ones you want; shouting happily for something you feel, or if it loves to do or say something that might make you seem stupid, but would make it happy; go do it. You will discover the immense joy that life could bring in a clueless planned schedule. You will discover your magic moment and believe me, you'll never forget how you felt for that time. 

Remember, wise people are wise because they know that being a natural child inside them and surrendering to its voice of joy and love is obvious and they do it. The foolish are foolish only because they think that they understand everything and can control it. 

Go and discover your magic moment today! 

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